Baby Bump

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant! The school year is going by SO fast, but I feel like this pregnancy is going by SO slow! I am so excited about meeting Baby Bergren. I keep thinking that this time next year, we will be snuggling up inside from the cold with a baby!! I had a midwife appointment this past week, so here are a few baby bump pictures and an update! (most of this is because I can’t remember AT ALL with Riley and Sam so this is mostly for me 🙂

How far along? 19 weeks today

Total weight gain: 6.5 lbs  (I REALLY don’t want to gain like I did with Sammy Boy… So I am paying more attention this go around)

How i’m feeling: Lately I am getting short of breath. I don’t think I am carrying that high, so I kind of think my lack of consistent exercise during this pregnancy is catching up with me. I am trying to get back into a groove before I get too much bigger 🙂  I am starting to notice changes in my lower, round ligaments too!

Maternity Clothes: I finally bought a few things this past week. I can still where a couple of my jeans and a lot of my tops, but I am starting to need something with a  little more give 🙂

Craving: I want pretty much any and everything. If I see it or talk about it, I want it. Right now, I want sushi or banana pudding 🙂

Sleep: So far, I am still sleeping really great. I am not getting up as much as I did early on. I really don’t like waking up hot/cold. My biggest issue is that I sleep too well and don’t want to get up!

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat. It still sounds just as wonderful and amazing as the first time we heard it.

Movement: I continue to read that second or third time moms can really feel things by now, but I am not feeling lots of movement. I have felt a couple of “jumps” that I just knew was baby Bergren, but now I am not so sure…  So, not a lot of movement yet!

Gender: We are still going to wait until we deliver to find out the gender; however, I have a feeling it is a boy. (Of course, then I see tons of little girl things and start dreaming of pink, bows, and lace)

Labor signs: Not yet. (and not for a while)

Mood: I am all over the place. I feel badly for my kids. I feel like my patience is out the window! I think it has something to do with me keeping it all in during the day and letting loose when I get home… Sorry familia. Oh and tears. Lordy. I am most definitely a crier!

What I am looking forward to: Our first and only sonogram will be in the next few weeks. (Unless there is something we see that would require more.) I can’t wait to get our first picture of Baby Bergren!

Baby Belly 100_8769


Birthday Party

Today we braved the cold and headed into town to a birthday party for a classmate of Riley’s. It was a painting party for a little boy where they all painted snakes. It was super cute, crazy, and a LOT of fun! I love to watch their creativity at work. It was VERY hard for me not to stand behind them and give them “advice,” but I am a BIG believer in letting them make their own creations just the way they see fit! Riley named her snake: Sally, and Sam named his: Howard. (wow, a different name than Roger 🙂 )   In the pictures you can really see their concentration.

100_8788 100_8787 100_8786 100_8789 100_8791 100_8792 100_8798 100_8796 100_8794 100_8799 100_8803