My adventures with faith, family, and food

This is the official website for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). This is also the book that got me started on my food journey. It is a great resource for people with any type of digestive issue and especially for those with intestinal issues. (Crohn’s, Ulcurative Colitis, Etc)

This is the official Dave Ramsey site. If you haven’t ever visited his site, I highly recommend that you do. If you do not know of how or where you can sign up for a Financial Peace University class in your area, this is a great place to start. I love to listen to his radio show. (It encourages me)

This website is a great resource for smoothies and drinks (and much more) to help add essential nutrients to your diet. I LOVE smoothies. I find them quick, easy, and of course, tasty!


This is a link to my Pinterest Boards where I get a lot of my recipe inspirations!

SCD Recipes

This is a great resource for different books and recipes. This is one of the websites that I used a lot when trying out new things.

This is the website for the Aviation Management Company that my husband works for. If you are ever in need of aircraft management, you should give them a call!



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