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Wow. I really can’t comprehend the fact that I have a 6 year old. I remember the day she was born, the next couple of years are a blur, then she started pre-k, and now she is in Kindergarten. The comment I hear about Riley most often is that “she is a mini-you.” And she is. In so many ways, she is just like me: the good, and the bad. I remember my mother would utter the words that all mom’s probably have of “I hope you have a child just like you!” To which my response would always be: “Me too, so then she will be PERFECT!” 

Now, I know that she isn’t perfect. She challenges me daily, and I don’t always “win,” but I am constantly in awe of all the wonderful gifts that God has given her and with the person that she already is and will become. 

Riley is a thinker. She has this great ability to be able to see a situation and process it above her maturity level. She seeks out others that are hurting and will try to make it better. She loves puzzles, drawing, and art all together. 

Riley is determined. Even at 2 years old, she would push her little brother around in his high chair to the counter so that he could retrieve whatever it was she wanted on the counter. She will argue til’ she is blue in the face about something SHE believes to be true. 

Riley LOVES sparkles. We are constantly going back and forth about what is age appropriate for a now, 6 year old. Girl loves to be shiny! 

Riley is friendly. She doesn’t meet a stranger and that is just the way that I like it. Of course, then she wants me to give our name and address to everyone we meet because “[they] are friends now and we need to play together.”

Riley has been a “difficult child to parent” here lately. (I heard that a time or two growing up 🙂 ) Yet in the midst of our parenting battles, we are excited to see such independence that we are prayerfully trying to foster into a vibrant young woman. Being a parent has absolutely been one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs I have ever had, and I am so thankful that God saw fit to give Ryne and I Riley Anne exactly when he did. I love you Riley. Happy 6th Birthday!


On the Tuesday before Riley’s actual birthday, we had a couple of friends join us after school for dinner and ice-cream before their Christmas program that evening. Riley had a blast and I loved the simplicity of having two friends over for an afternoon!



Later in the week, we headed down to see my parents. (and for a friends wedding) There was a small crowd there waiting to surprise Riley with a La-la Loopsie party. (Thanks mom! You are the best! Everything was SO cute)

I love how in all of these pictures you can see pure JOY in her smile. It was great!




Sam insisted on delivering the gifts to his sister. He is becoming quite the gentleman!