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Today it is raining. As a matter of fact, it has been raining off and on since about 8:00 last night, and it has been WONDERFUL! I love that it has cooled down and it is perfect pajama pant weather. In light of such, and the fact that Ryne is out of town, there was absolutely NO cooking tonight. Sam and Riley LOVED making their own sandwiches (like grown-ups) and Sam has cut all of his grapes into thirds so he can practice using a knife. (Don’t worry- a butter knife)

So tonight I wanted to share with you a new favorite side dish. Broccoli Cheese Bites, or as we affectionately call them- Broccoli Cookies. You can find the original recipe here, but I put the recipe and modifications that I did below:

Broccoli Cookies

2 small heads of broccoli- Chopped, and steamed.

A handful of cheese (and don’t skimp. I. LOVE. Cheese)

2 or 3 eggs depending on their size (enough to glue everything together but not make it too runny. You know, “Til it looks right”)

1 Cup of almond flour

And don’t forget Salt and Pepper. (seriously. I forgot one time…. Don’t forget)

I like to put it all in a food processor and pulse to combine. I like when the broccoli is well blended but still a little chunky. Then place spoonfuls of “cookie batter” onto parchment paper and into an oven that is set at 375. I cooked mine for about 8-10 minutes on each side, just to brown them.

Serve warm as a side dish or reheat them for an after school snack the next day 🙂 My kiddos LOVE them and so do I!